Terror wanted: how Erdogan justifies bloody attacks on Kurds

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Terror acts in Turkish cities are answered by Ankara with such rapid and prepared attacks on Kurds that it makes us wonder whether Erdogan’s regime has something to do with these.

On March 13th a car laden with expolisves was blown up at a bus stop in Ankara. 37 were killed and over 120 were injured as a result of that attack.

Act of terror is always a tragedy for the people and country, much less when plenty of people die. But there is a tiny but very interesting detail in Ankara’s case: in the very first hours after the blast when the whole world was busy commiserating to the Turkish people and the media were covering relief operation the military commandment of Turkey were preparing for airstrikes on Kurdish positions as Erdogan appointed them to be guilty.

So in the early hours of March 14th the Turkish Air Force attacked positions of Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the North of Iraq. It happened basicaly in less that 24 hours after the bus stop blast. Due to that many experts told that the blast had not surprised Turkish authorities.

«If someone announces the guilty one in less than one day after the terror act then he’s the one who’s organized it. It is impossible to find out who’s guilty in such a short term. Unless you knew that before. But then why haven’t you prevented it?» — Yevgeniy Satanovskiy, Head of Middle East Institute, puts uncomfortable questions.

Such rapid reaction to terror acts is not an isolated case whether it happened in or outside the country. The same case took place in February when a car laden with explosives was blown up at the very same moment when a bus carrying Turkish military stopped not far from it. It happened on February 17.  28 people were killed then, over 60 were severely injured.    

And again this was paid back by airstriking KWP’s positions in Haftanin, northern Iraq, followed by massive shelling of Kurdish enclave Afrin in Syrian Aleppo governorate in the evening of February 18th. This resulted in many killed and wounded Kurdish civilians.

Then Turkish president with no constraints announced that the terror act committed on February 17th «had been carried out by KWP and Democratic Union Party. All the threads were leading both to Turkey and abroad».

Erdogan expects that convinient wording of «threads leading abroad» enables attacking Kurds in bordering countries. Meanwhile the Turkish authorities are training to destroy KWP supporters within Turkey. Over the last few months Diyarbakir and Cizre have become the synonims of pain and fear. Turkish governmental forces carried out special operation there which were nothing more but cynical clean-up of the differently-minded.

Special operation in Diyarbakir has lasted for three months, as a result in Sur region 279 KWP activists were killed along with plenty of civilians.

In Turkey’s Cizre where «antiterror special operation» started in December 2015, died not less than 160 civilians. They burnt alive in their houses and shelters where they were hiding from governmental forces’ fire.

It is important to mention that Kurdish representatives all together deny their involvement in the recent terror attacks in Turkey.

«There is no connection between Kurds and events in Ankara (February 17 — edit.). It is connected with Turkish fight against ISIS* whose members live in Turkey», — said Salih Muslim Muhammad, leader of the Kurdish “Democratic Union” party.

«In the fisrt hours after the terror attack Ankara blamed the Kurds. Let’s say it is suspiciously fast. It makes an impression it has been planned. Erdogan just needs a cause to blame the Kurds once again and to have his hand untied for attacking them or even invading Syria», — underlined Rodi Osman, representative of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow.

One may clearly see instant dependence: just after another terror act in Turkey the Turkish authorities launch new wave of violence against Kurdish population inside the country along with shelling neighbouring regions populated with Kurds.

Ankara clearly needs cause to justify its military operations both in Turkey and in Syria and Iraq. So the question «has Erdogan’s regime something to do with explosions in Turkey?» has clear answer: yes, it has. Turkish special services with long record and experince in fighting diversionists could hardly have no information on the upcoming explosions. But the Turkish authorities prefered not no interfere and let the explosions happen to use them then in their own interests.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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