Odessa wall of Soviet Heroes was covered in yellow-blue baloons for Poroshenko’s arrival (PHOTОS)

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In the city center movement was also limited and the territory that the Ukrainian leader could use to participate in the opening ceremony of Istanbul park was fenced off.

The authorities of Odessa showed increased vigilance for the preparation of the city for the arrival of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. As local media reported, they decided to hide the wall with the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union and cavaliers with the order of Glory on Theatre Square. To do this they used balls in the form of the flags of “Independent” Ukraine and the European Union.

On social networks this step by the Odessa authorities was already called a deliberate provocation because of the over-patriotic colour of the balls.

On May 26th the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko visited Odessa, where he opened Potemkin stairs and the Istanbul park. In addition, he visited the children’s camp on the bank of the Black Sea.

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Translated by StalkerZone.org, originally published by RusVesna.su

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